Superior Materials

RK Shutters are crafted of North American basswood. There are no fiber-board, glued, composite, plastic, resin, pressed wood-like materials, or other imitation substances used here. We exclusively use only basswood in both painted and ready to stain shutters. Basswood is light and strong, with a tight, uniform grain and consistent color. These qualities make it versatile, durable, moisture resistant and attractive - undeniably the best domestic hardwood for the job.

Linden Tree or Basswood Tree;
Linden Tree grows very quickly to 60-65 feet. Certified forests replenish more than is harvested each year.

Superior Technology

Lacquers and acrylics are the best paints when it comes to shutters, superior in durability, UV resistance and water resistance. Lacquers and acrylics provide a richer, smoother finish than water based paints, and they won't yellow or fade. In fact, lacquers and acrylics were the industry standard until water based paints dropped in priced and were promoted to our industry.

Lacquer Vs Water/Soy Based Paint

Prior to 2000, shutter manufacturers painted with Lacquer or Acrylic, rather than Water or Soy Based Paint. The different coatings have the following characteristics and advantages:

Lacquer vs. Water Based paint comparison;
Lacquer is a far superior material for finishing shutters

Over the last 12 years, the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) has greatly decreased the allowable VOCs (volatile organic compounds) generated by painting shutters. In response, shutter manufacturers have switched to Water-Based paints with fewer VOCs. As outlined above, Water-Based paint is better for our environment, but not nearly as good for your shutters.

RK Window Fashions has taken a different path. We have invested over countless hours and resources in our exclusive Electrostatic Coating lines (we now have three). Our unique system ensures control of VOC emissions. We capture almost 100% of the initial overspray and our infrared dryers speed through conventional cure times so that our pollution-control equipment captures over 98% of paint emissons.

Water based coatings can release VOCs up to 1 year until fully cured. Lacquer/Acrylic coatings cure time can be controlled and is very rapid by comparison. As a result, your new shutters will look better & last longer.


Exclusive Lustrous Coating System

Our exclusive Electro-static finishing system ensures the finest of finishes - like those seen on high end automobiles, fine wood musical instruments, and the best premium furniture. No other process can coat as uniformly and thoroughly as our system. Our buttery smooth finish is easier to clean, harder and more durable, and elegantly smooth to the touch.

Lacquer vs. Water Based paint comparison;
7 coats of Lacquer creates a buttery smooth finish on your new shutters
Lacquer vs. Water Based paint comparison;
Inconsistent finish from panel to panel - varying coating thickness; runs/sags to no coverage

Exclusive Louver Connector

Our patented Louver Connector eliminates the most bothersome shutter ownership experience in Phoenix Arizona - staple failure. If you have ever owned shutters, you know what this is - a louver disconnected from the rest. So common that a number of "shutter doctor" companies in the valley stay busy full-time repairing and replacing these failed staple systems. Our device stops this from happening. It is the only engineered device designed for this most important operation - precise control of your shutter louvers.

Patented Shutter Louver to Tilt bar Connector;
Exclusive Patented Shutter Louver to Tilt bar Connector