Premium Shutters

Shutters are one of the most enduring and popular window treatments. Unlike other treatments, shutters will withstand extreme temperatures, control light, reduce noise penetration, and offer maximum privacy. Despite the wide selection of window treatments in the market today, choosing the perfect product for your home or office need not be difficult.

With wood's traditional and naturally warm appearance - it becomes extremely easy to decorate around - wood is the obvious choice for shutters. Each of our shutters is custom made for your window. Authentic old-world woodworking craftsmanship is infused with modern coating technology to create an heirloom shutter that will last for generations to come. Our shutters are right at home in any type of decor. No matter your decorating style, one of our wood shutter styles will transform and enhance your own personal creation.

Historically, it has been thought that shutters only belong in exclusive neighborhoods. While shutters have traditionally been a high end product, we find our global network allows our shutters to be a worthwhile investment in homes on any kind of a budget.

Our Shutters are:

  • Extremely versatile
  • Complements any style and represents timeless beauty and elegance
  • Outlives most types of window treatments
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures
  • Best at insulating due to its valuable thermal qualities
  • Does not bend like plastic or plastic composite
  • Easier to maintain and in the event of a repair, wood is always available
Regal Painted Basswood Shutter 3 1/2"
Regal Shutter 3 1/2" in central Phoenix - wonderful 40th birthday party catered by Vincents & desserts by Nikki!
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Regal Painted Basswood Shutter 3 1/2"
Regal Stained Shutter 4 1/2"with divider rails in Apache Junction - Superstition Mountains outside

Regal Basswood Shutters

Choose from an incredible selection of more than 26 paint and stain colors. Elliptical louvers in three defining sizes, choice of tilt bar locations, and a range of popular decorative frames stylize this very popular plantation shutter collection. Our industrial coating process creates a buttery smooth, homogenously consistent finish throughout each shutter and throughout your customers’ home. High-tech equipment ensures consistent application of 7 coats of finish over the entire shutter. You will be proud and confident to select our products for your most discriminating applications.

Our shutters are hand-built. We take pride in every shutter produced. Our quality hardwood shutters are stronger and lighter than the alternative MDF or plastic products. We use a tough 4-dowel connection at every joint for the shutter panel components, superior to biscuit jointing and a 2-dowel construction. Our panels are engineered to stand up to the rigors of a typical household. We mill beads into the vertical stiles to create a visually softer panel door. We utilize a drop rail construction for additional architectural details. Our patented louver connector ensures durability and consistent louver control for a lifetime.

Our distinctive designs combine with innovative excellence to create a shutter in a class of its own. Most people prefer real wood just as they prefer clothing made of cotton or wool instead of polyester. There is something to be said about the real thing. For a warm, authentic, traditional look, Basswood is the best choice, simply because wood is the premium material. We use Basswood for all of our shutters. Nothing is as visually warm or as structurally strong as basswood. Anything else would be a compromise. It is a time tested material of choice for quality minded retailers and homeowners.

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Timber Ridge Knotty Shutters

Stain grade shutters allow the visual characteristics of the wood to show through the coating. Because the natural grain shows through the finish, it is important to choose a hardwood that best matches the characteristics of the wood in the home; i.e. kitchen cabinets, doors, trim, etc. Our Timber Ridge Knotty Shutter has a more rustic, knotty grain character than Basswood which lends itself more toward a contemporary, casual, lodge, or rustic decorating styles.

Knotty Rustic is currently our most popular stained wood since it matches the décor of most new homes and remodels. An exhaustive search yielded this wood specie that had enough grain variation and imperfections to mimic today’s more popular knotty cabinet choices. As these new cabinet styles have quite a bit of dramatic wood characteristics displayed, our shutter style complements perfectly. Some traditional knotty Alder, Cherry, or Pine wood yields limited imperfections so that the shutter doesn’t look much different than a traditional stained Basswood shutter.

Timber Ridge Knotty Shutters are available in all of the same colors as our Basswood program. Although the range of color within each shutter will be wider than the Basswood line due to the variation of graining in our Rustic wood, the tone of the color will remain the same. Our Knotty Cedar program is finished on the same Electrostatic coating line as our Basswood program to ensure the same durable everlasting finish.

Timber Ridge Knotty Rustic Basswood Shutter 4 1/2"
Timber Ridge Knotty Rustic Shutter 4 1/2" in Anthem, Az
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Wood-Rite Painted Basswood Shutter 3 1/2"
Wood-Rite Painted Basswood Shutter 3 1/2" By Pass Track System over Arcadia Sliding glass door in Paradise Valley overlooking golf course

Wood-Rite Wood Shutters

A very high quality wood shutter without many compromises made for cost-conscious consumers. All wood construction utilizing beaded stiles, drop rails, and traditional bullnose louvers create a feature rich wood shutter designed to last a lifetime. Available in our two most popular paint colors and our most popular 3 1/2" louver size. Priced on parity with hollow plastic or composite (plastic wood) shutters.

Like all fine custom wood furniture, we use the highest quality lacquer finishes available on the market today. The finish is electrostatically applied in an industrial automated application of 7 multiple layers on top of a base Jesso-coat over a meticulously sanded profile ensuring a buttery smooth finish. The application process is inherently efficient, consistent, and creates very low VOCs. Not only does the finish look and feel great, but once infrared dried and cured it is a very hard, durable surface that is extremely easy to clean. Light dusting is usually all that is required to keep the shutters looking great for a lifetime!

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If you're seeking maximum light control, window blinds are your smartest window covering choice. That's because blinds - whether constructed from wood, faux wood, our exclusive woven SoftView fabric, or other materials - may be operated two different ways to let in as much, or little, light as you desire: you can raise them for a full view, or lower them for complete privacy; or you can rotate the slats to fine-tune the amount of light coming into your windows.

Wood Blinds are a versatile custom window treatment that can work beautifully in any window, with every decorating style. Our custom wood slat blinds are hand-crafted of the finest grade basswood, a sustainable American resource. We fabricate these premium indoor blinds to blend with your home's other quality hardwood features, including furniture, flooring and cabinetry. If you'd love the rich look of natural Wood Blinds but need an easy to clean, durable window blind perfect for your bath, basement, garage, kitchen or laundry our Fauxwood is a terrific option. Fauxwood Blinds come in our most popular 2" slat size, and are available with enhancements like decorative Valance and wide cloth twill tapes. Vertical Blinds are the classic, clean-lined decorating solution for sliding patio or arcadia doors and oversized windows. Easy-to-rotate slats allow for precise light control, or draw your blinds open and closed smoothly and effortlessly. Select from dozens of materials, including wood-tone finishes, fabric-like weaves or solids.

2" stained wood blind with cornice
2" stained wood blind with cornice
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Roller Shades white privacy with cassette headrail in bathroom
Roller Shades white privacy fabric with cassette headrail

Roller Shades

Today's classic roller shades have so many style possibilities, there's no limit to the looks you can achieve - textures, weaves, sunscreen, solar, film, blackout, fabric, custom laminations, custom logos & prints. But beyond just good looks, our roller shades have functionality and durability built in. Nothing else so economically covers those wide expanses of glass quite like a roller shade - we can makes roller shades up to 40 feet wide!

Timeless, attractive, long lasting Roller Shades add color, style and flair to any room. Fashionable, affordable, they support your taste and your budget with chic or classic looks.

Roller Shades are a superior choice to add color, texture and style to any room or décor - easily and economically. And when you compare feature for feature, our roller shades are simply the finest you'll find. The difference starts with rugged steel rollers, not the less reliable wooden ones you'll find elsewhere. Our collection is full of fashion flair, color impact, easy installation and custom options - our price of our custom Roller Shades are so affordable you can make over multiple windows with no worries.

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Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades, cellular shades, Duettes - they're called lots of names - one thing in common - their design looks simple on the surface, but look closer and you'll see that cellular shades not only look great, their unique hexagonal cell shape of these window treatments provides substantial insulation with little weight, keeping rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer. With energy-saving efforts on everyone's mind, what could be sweeter?

Honeycomb Shades adorn your windows or archways with lush, translucent fabrics. Choose soft, durable fashions from a radiant color palette. Our Honeycomb Shades have the look and feel of fabric with superior look and softness, plus deep, even coloration that won't fade even in full-sun locations. Streetside appearance is neutral so your unique personality can shine on inside your home without another thought. Our fabric shades are available in light filtering and room-darkening styles - lots of unique textures and even custom colors and custom graphics - even your local sports teams can be displayed on this super energy efficient stud!

Honeycomb Cellular Shades Top Down Bottom Up and a Vertiglide
Honeycomb Cellular Shades Top Down Bottom Up and a Vertiglide - vertical sliding shade on a gorgeous new ranchette in Waddell, Az
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Kitchen Roman Shades flat fold inverted pleats
Kitchen Roman Shades flat fold with inverted pleats

Roman Fabric Shades

Fabric Shades make for endless possibilities, like fabric Roman shades for an exotic look, or London fabric window shades for a touch of class. Make the mood refined or relaxed. Go for bold color or tonal charm. Create any style of custom shades in your precise size, up to 9 feet tall and 10 feet wide, with any fabric from our Collection. Then personalize your window shades even more with decorative details and operational upgrades.

Roman Shades offer clean, classic lines suitable for any taste or décor style. We offer Roman Shades in a wide variety of styles, and in addition to our fine fabrics you'll find the timeless styling of Roman window blinds in our Natural Woven, Roller and Solar Shade materials. All our custom Roman Shades settle smoothly, evenly and gracefully into soft folds when raised.

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Natural Woven Shades

Natural Woven Shades bring you the latest fashion statement in window coverings. Our extensive collection is available in a variety of designs and patterns to find the perfect complement to any room. No other window covering product can transform the look and feel of your room like a Bamboo Woven Wood Shade - turning your window into a distinguished piece of art. As with all of our products, the Natural Woven Shades come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Uniquely crafted from jute, bamboo, reeds and grasses, Woven Wood Shades offer earthy textures that are naturally light filtering. In elegant, exotic and sophisticated styles, they add a touch of nature to any room. Whether it's downtown Phoenix or the San Francisco Peaks of Northern Arizona, bringing the outdoors in is a trend that is sweeping the nation. Anything that ties us to nature and speaks to honest, simple beauty is hot right now. Our hand-picked collection of woven wood shades are made from bamboo, grasses, jutes, reeds, ratan and many other natural renewable resources from around the world. So your windows treatments aren't just looking good, they're doing good too.

Natural Woven Shades such as bamboo shades or shades with reeds express an easy confidence in decorating, and we offer the most options you'll find anywhere. Enhance any style of Natural Woven Shade with decorative and functional upgrades you won't find in bamboo blinds offered elsewhere. All Natural Woven materials used in these window shades are globally sourced, renewable and environmentally responsible.

Woven Natural Shade with side hanging panels on iron rod
Woven Natural Shade with side hanging panels on iron rod
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Somfy motorized solar sun screen shades 10% mesh
Somfy low voltage RTS RF motorized solar sun screen shades 10% mesh in a ranch home near Tombstone, Az

Solar Sun Screen Shades

Solar Sun Screen Shades reduce glare, preserve views, and limit solar heat gain. Solar shades, also known as solar screens and indoor sun shades, are based on a roller tube or roller window shade and are available in a range of screen openness factors, allowing you to choose how much light control you desire. Solar shades are the perfect choice for windows with a view. They reduce glare and improve energy efficiency by limiting solar heat gain and, also block harmful UV rays.

Because Solar Sun Screen Shades substantially block UV rays, these shades will help reduce the fading of furniture, carpet and other decor, and keep you and your family safe from prolonged UV sun exposure in your home. Solar Sun Screen Shades are window shades designed for blocking a significant percentage of sunlight, and are available in screen openness factors from 0% to more than 20%. The smaller the number, the less "open" the screen is (the more "solid" the actual fabric). So for maximum view-through choose a high % openness number (14 - 20%). For greater privacy, choose small % openness numbers (1%).

Solar Sun Screen Shades are offered in a surprising range of colors, textures, and fabrics. Choose from numerous colors as well as stripes, patterns and weaves that more closely resemble natural materials. Some of our new materials mimic Natural Woven Shades. Another prints these "weaves" onto the screen fabric creating the illusion of woven fabric.

If privacy is a major concern, Solar Sun Screen Shades may not be the best choice. As a rule of thumb, how well you can see out of your windows during the day is approximately how well people can see into your home at night. This can be even more apparent at night when images in your home are back lit. For maximum privacy, choose smaller screen openness factors (1-3%).

Ideal for commercial establishments, we have been printing custom graphics; like store logos and slogans, on Solar Sun Screen Shades for years. Now, we have begun to see a much similar demand to print professional sports team & collegiate logos for residential use - perfect for that "man cave", den or office. We can even print your favorite beach or lush tropical destination to cover up that dreaded view towards your neighbor's .....boat, storage shed, or junk..... without giving up all of the natural light you'd like to enjoy in that area.

Take advantage of our popular lift options like cordless Solar Sun Screen Shades and motorized shades. Consider cordless shades if you have small children in your home, as dangling cords can be dangerous. Plus, cordless shades offer a cleaner, uncluttered look. Motorized window shades provide the ultimate in convenience and are especially useful for high or hard to reach windows.

Indoor Solar Sun Screen Shades are made from a mesh material that very effectively reduces the absorption of heat through the window. They absorb and reflect solar heat before it actually enters the window. So, by limiting solar heat gain, these modern solar shades are very energy efficient and will help to lower your utility bills. Plus they work in both the summer and winter. In the summer, they limit solar heat gain and in the winter, they help prevent radiant heat from escaping to the outside.

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Sheer Shadings

This innovative product offers the privacy of a window shade with the softened view of a sheer. Our sheer shades let the sunshine in without letting in harmful UV rays that can wreak havoc on your furnishings and art work. Alluring Sheer Shadings soften and scatter the light in your room, with a whisper of romance or sophistication. Bask in the warm, subtle radiance of an enchanting variety of tints and patterns.

Sheer Shadings are elegantly innovative offering the light control advantages of blinds in graceful fabric. They bathe your décor in soft, flattering light, filtered to protect furnishings from sun damage without interfering with your outside view. With sheer fabric surrounding thin, soft woven fabric vanes, they provide diffused light when the vanes are open, light control and privacy when closed, and discretely disappear into the headrail our of view when raised. Choose from multiple vane sizes match your room scale and needs of your view.

three Hunter Douglas Nantucket Sheer Silhouette Shadings pulled up, vanes open, vanes closed
Hunter Douglas Nantucket Sheer Shadings pulled up, vanes open, vanes closed in a new home in Vistancia, Northwest Phoenix area
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Luminette Privacy Sheers in a den
Luminette Privacy Sheers can coordinate with Silhouette Shadings

Hunter Douglas Products

For more than 60 years, Hunter Douglas, the leading manufacturer of custom-made window fashions in North America, has been making a big difference at the window and in homes across America.

Just one among many of their celebrated products: the highly energy-efficient Duette® honeycomb shades-invented in 1985, the first product of its kind in response to the energy crisis of the late 1970s. The latest generation of honeycomb shades - the Duette® Architella Collection - offers even greater energy efficiency, thanks to their patented honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction. Along with the Duette family of window fashions, many of their other products contribute to energy savings at the window, including popular Silhouette and Pirouette window shadings and Luminette® Privacy Sheers, to name just a few.

As evident from their history, Hunter Douglas obviously believes window fashions must be more than stylish. In addition to offering energy efficiency, window treatments should provide some privacy and light control. They should help protect your furnishings from damaging UV rays. Even absorb sounds, helping to improve the acoustics in a room.

Hunter Douglas also believes that what makes them truly special is experienced Hunter Douglas dealers like Robinson Krohn Window Fashions - our principals have been involved with Hunter Douglas since 1985. Walk into our showroom or have us visit your home or business and you'll have access to beautiful product displays, hundreds of swatch samples, and expert guidance to help ensure you're getting exactly what you want and need. We also offer product and design advice and configure your custom order to your specifications.

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Exterior Products

Outdoor Patio Solar Shades make patios, decks, porches, pergolas, lanais and gazebos more comfortable. Designed to block the sun's heat and glare and reduce fading, the woven fabric also allows some air to pass though for ventilation. Outdoor shades stop more heat than interior ones. They can save up to 30% in air conditioning costs. Transparent screen shades provide daytime privacy with full vision outwards. Darkest colors stop heat by 10% over lighter colors. Outdoor shades with tighter weaves extend the summer by protecting outside areas from cold breezes and also provide shelter for plants. Add a safe heater and stay nice and cozy in cooler evening hours extending your patio's usefulness.

Installing an outdoor sun shade can significantly reduce cooling costs inside your home and create a pleasant atmosphere for your patio, deck or sunroom. Outdoor shades and outdoor blinds are made with solar screen fabric, which stops the sun's heat before it strikes your window, reducing heat transfer and keeping your home or business cooler.

Our select line of motorized retractable shades offers an ideal solution to help you with your glaring sun issues for spans up to 40 feet wide. Made from the highest quality materials, these shades can be mounted in locations around your home to stop up to 99% of the solar heat rays and provide up to 100% shade with just the touch of a button! You will still enjoy almost total non-glare visibility from the inside while providing a cool and comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Installing retractable shades or awnings is an effective and easy way to reduce your carbon foot print.

Light Duty Manual Shades can come with a clutch system of operation (for Light Duty Interior Shades or Exterior Clutch Shades only) making opening and closing them as easy as pulling a chain. Simply pull down on one side of the chain to raise the shade and then down again the on opposite side to lower it - simple and intuitive for anyone to operate.

Heavy Duty Manual Shades come with a crank operation. The crank gear enables you to insert a wand in a small loop coming from one side of the shade and you simple use your crank wand to turn the loop, effectively raising or lowering the shade. This system takes a bit more effort & time than the clutch control system as its gearing ratio is greater.

Motorized Shades also come with several different options for control. When choosing a motor for your shade you can use either a Low Voltage Sonesse (quiet) Motor or a 12V RTS Battery Powered Motor for your Light Duty Shade. Or you can choose a Sonesse 504 (quiet) Motor, a Standard Motor, or an Altus RTS Motor for your Heavy Duty Shade.

The Standard Motor is a hard wired motor that comes with two different wall switch options. You can choose a Toggle Switch or a Paddle Switch. Each switch comes in either Ivory or White.

If you chose the Altus RTS Motor or the Sonesse 504 (quiet) Motor you are eligible to use a Telis Remote Control or Wireless Wall Switch. The Telis Remote Control comes in a Multi-Channel or a Single Channel model as well as new Six, Sixteen, and Twenty Channel models. The Single and Multi-Channel models can be ordered in standard white, black, blue (waterproof), or Silver colored.

The Wireless Wall Switch or Decoflex Switch is essentially a remote that can be mounted to the wall. It comes in a Single Channel or Multi- Channel model and is available in Black, White or Ivory. These switches are available to all customers who are using an Altus RTS motor.

Exterior Solar Sun Screen Patio Shades
Somfy Motorized RTS RF Exterior Solar Sun Screen Patio Shades in Paradise Valley, Az
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Flat fold side panels installed over Hunter Douglas Silhouette;
Flat fold side panels installed over Hunter Douglas Silhouette

Drapery and Fabric Treatments

Draperies are classic window treatments that work with any decorating style. Whatever you choose - drapery panels in slubby linen with banding, striped silk draperies in a waterfall style, pinch pleated draperies in a trendy new sheer or grommet draperies in a bold print fabric - custom draperies are an elegant solution and always in style!

Add a finishing touch; change the look of your window with the seasons or whenever the mood strikes you with drapery panels. Soften harsh edges with soft floaty fabrics. Invite spring and summer by flanking existing window coverings with sheer gauzy draperies.

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Solar Sun Screens

Solar Screen is a durable and tough TEXTILENE® brand synthetic fabric made of PVC coated polyester woven yarn that is formulated to withstand solar abuse and endure years of outdoor use. Solar screen is a superior alternative to fiberglass insect screen in solar protection, strength and longevity.

    Solar Screen Benefits

  • Textilene® 90 blocks up to 90% of the sun's rays
  • Designed to reduce heat transfer through windows
  • Reduces the glare and harmful rays from the sun
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Provides protection for your indoor furnishing
  • Flame resistant and fade resistant
  • Excellent for daytime privacy without blocking the view
Solar Sun Screens installed in two out of four windows in Sedona Arizona
Solar Sun Screens installed on the two right windows in Sedona, Arizona
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Hunter Douglas Powerrise Vignette over a bathtub
Hunter Douglas Powerrise Vignette with available iPad wifi control interface

Convenient and Practical Solutions - Total Sun Management with Motorized Window Treatments Powered by Somfy.

Motorized blinds offer a convenient and versatile solution for natural light management. Whether you are entertaining, reading or simply relaxing in the comfort of your home, you can easily create the ideal ambiance for any situation.

Solutions are available for all types of horizontal products from wood blinds, roller shades, Silhouettes, Duettes, to monster exterior solar roll up screens and can be made to suit your style, whether casual and practical or sophisticated and modern.

Motorized screens and solar shades offer a modern look with practical,energy-efficient benefits. Not only do motorized solar shades absorb heat and reduce glare, they also provide instant privacy and allow for easy access to hard-to-reach window coverings.

Depending on the type of shade or screen material used, you can instantly increase privacy by using thicker, darker materials, or instead maintain your view with the use of a material lighter in texture and color.

Regardless of your preference, motorized window treatments will react to your wishes at the touch of a button or at preprogrammed intervals to protect your family, home, and interior furnishings.

Motorized exterior screens and solar shades will react automatically to the changing sun/wind condtions or at the touch of a button, protecting your family, home and interior furnishings, all the while extending your outdoor living space. And by simply adding an end/side retention system, your motorized exterior screens or solar shades not only become more weather resistant, they also act as a natural pest deterrent.

Additionally, systems powered by Somfy offer a wide array of options to accommodate your preferences including battery-powered WireFree™, plug-in or wired systems.

There is also a variety of control solutions from wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, timers, sun & wind sensors, and more. In Addition, all Somfy motors and controls are backed by a full five year warranty.

Product Line Up

    Telis Modulis RTS Hand-held Remote

  • Features a central scroll for precision tilting of blind or shading slats.
  • Available in 1 and 5 channel versions.
  • No need to point and shoot the control for operation.
  • Available in silver and black.
  • Compatible with all Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) motors and controls
  • Telis 16 RTS Hand-held Remote

  • LCD screen offer easy navigation.
  • Available in 6 and 16 channel versions.
  • 6 channel includes timer functions.
  • Customizable channel names & icons.
  • Multiple shades per channel offers almost unlimited quantity of control.
  • DecoFlex WireFree RTS Wall Switch

  • No wiring because it's battery-powered.
  • Customizable personalized buttons.
  • Available in 1-5 channels.
  • White, ivory, or black finishes.
  • Compatible with all Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) motors and controls.
  • DecoFlex WireFree RTS Tabletop Accessory

  • Easily create a table top control using a DecoFlex WireFree RTS wall switch and the DecoFlex WireFree RTS table top accessory.
  • It's ideal for coffee tables, kitchen islands, desks, night stands, etc.
  • No wiring because it's battery-powered.
  • Available in silver and black finishes.
  • Compatible with all Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) motors and controls.
  • WireFree Solar Pack

  • Power your Somfy motors with Solar Energy.
  • Ultimate Wire free technology.
  • No control or power wiring required.
  • Failsafe battery backup.
  • Sunis Indoor WireFree RTS Sun Sensor

  • Wireless sun sensor that can automatically operate motorized window coverings according to the intensity of the sun.
  • Sunlight sensitivity (threshold) can be adjusted for varying degrees of sunlight intensity.
  • It's battery-powered and completely wireless and is compatible with all Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) motors and controls.
  • Home Automation interfaces

  • iPad/iPhone/iTouch integration with Somfy products.
  • Compatible with all Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) motors and controls.
  • Crestron, Control4, Savant, Elan, Zwave, Zigbee integration.
  • Energy Triangle - HVAC (climate), Lighting, Window Treatments.
  • Savings up to 25% /year automating HVAC alone will more than pay for this convenience.
  • Almost anything electrical can be controlled wirelessly throughout your home and/or business.
  • "Set and Forget" convenience.
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SoftView Venetian Shades

Fashion with function

Think soft. Think subtle. Think warm. Think light control. Think Softview.

Softview Venetian Shades offer the best of both worlds - combining the light control and functionality of horizontal blinds with the visual beauty and soft texture of fabric shades.

Bring the radiance of sunlight into your home, enjoy a soft translucent glow of light, or create a mood of total privacy. The choice is yours with Softview Venetian Shades. You can have:

  • A clear and unfiltered view when shades are tilted open.
  • Total privacy when shades are down and fabric vanes are tilted closed.
  • A soft glow of daylight radiates through the shades.

Softview Venetian Shades are perfect for the most demanding areas of your home. Because of their patented construction, Softview Venetian Shades bring the beautiful sunlight in, and leave the sun’s harmful effects outside. Softview beautifully tames harsh heat and repels damaging UV light.

Softview Venetian Shades come in four fabric families - with a unique blend of inspiring colors, interesting textures and sophisticated styles. The patented woven polyester fabric, encapsulated by a vinyl compound, feels like fabric and wears like iron. Softview fabrics are ideal for almost all environments. They withstand humidity, dust, and most stains and mildew - and even abusive environments.

Softview is the most durable interior window covering at any price.

Think Softview Venetian Shades for beauty, light control and privacy. They combine the traditional soft and airy look of a classic tailored window shade with a 21st century light control system.

SoftView Venetian Shades in Living Room
SoftView Venetian Shades in Living Room